3 Ways Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

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Everyone knows how much your teeth matter when it comes to feeling confident in your smile. In fact, 96% of adults agree that an attractive smile makes you look more appealing to a potential love interest.

But have you ever wondered how celebrities and stars seem to have such perfect, white teeth — all the time? Chances are, what you’re actually seeing is not exactly natural pearly whites, porcelain veneers.

Veneers are thin ceramic layers that fit over your natural teeth and mimic the appearance of real teeth, only better. Here are three of the biggest benefits of veneers when it comes to improving your smile:

  1. They can fix small chips, gaps, and misalignment.

    If you have slightly crooked teeth or chips or cracks in your front teeth, they can be covered up easily with cosmetic dentistry veneers. Because they’re so similar to your real teeth, it may even help improve your bite and chew.
  2. They don’t stain.
    One of the biggest reasons many people are unhappy with their teeth is because of discoloration or yellowing. Even if you’re not a habitual red wine or coffee drinker, our teeth tend to stain with age. Veneers, however, are highly resistant to staining, and will stay white with regular oral care.
  3. They don’t require special maintenance.
    Regular brushing and flossing is enough to keep your veneers in top shape, looking better and brighter than your original teeth ever did and for years to come. No matter how old you are, over half of adults over age 50 say that the smile is the one physical feature that remains most attractive as we age. So it’s never too late to give veneers a chance.

Despite their many benefits, veneers are a permanent procedure. You will be unlikely to return to the state of your original teeth after you have them put on. But then again, to many that is another benefit in and of itself.

Want to learn more about how veneers can change the way you greet the world? Contact a local dentist who specializes in cosmetic procedures to see if porcelain veneers might be a right fit for you.