5 Things to Avoid While Brushing Your Teeth

Kids brushing teeth video

Parents who want to make sure that their kids are as healthy as possible need to make sure not to overlook their mouths. Many will do so by taking kids to the dentist regularly, and others will be able to teach them the proper techniques themselves. If that is the case, then watching some kids brushing teeth videos might be a good idea. A great brushing teeth video for kids will show the proper techniques and give young children a visual representation of how to keep their teeth clean. Plus, they will be full of useful information to help keeping their smile bright and some common mistakes.

1. Using the Wrong Toothbrush

Every mouth is different, so there might not be one brush that is right for everyone. However, not having the right one could cause people to miss teeth and hard to reach areas, which could have consequences.

2. Not Brushing Often Enough

If there is too much time in between brushings, plaque and bacteria could build up, causing problems like gum inflammation, and making it difficult for individuals to maintain oral health.

3. Overbrushing

Logic might say that brushing as often as possible is a great way to keep mouths clean. However, the reality is that brushing too often could actually be problematic. Three brushes is probably ideal, but more than that could leave teeth open to irritation and gum issues.

4. Improper Brushing

It is recommended that individuals softly brush up and down their teeth, and not horizontally in long stokes because that could cause abrasions to the gumline. The proper type of brush strokes can go a long way towards making sure that individuals get their mouth completely clean without causing any damage.

5. Always Starting in the Same Spot

Many people are creatures of habit, and try to develop good habits so that they can get through their daily routines quickly. However, if someone starts brushing in the same part of their mouth every time, they could end up getting lazy in a certain area and missing plaque and bacteria.

There are other things that people do when they brush that they should not, but these five problems are common. Learning about them, and how to avoid them, by taking a little time watching kids brushing teeth videos can go a long way towards a life time of bright smiles and good oral health.