Amazing Dental Cosmetics You Will Not Believe!

Louisville school of dentistry

What is the hardest surface inside a person’s body? If you said “your bones” or “your cranium,” then you would be wrong. Even though many people with whom we deal with on a daily basis seem to have impenetrable skulls, the enamel on our teeth is harder than any bone.

Despite its hardness and durability, everybody know that enamel can be easily fracture, broken, worn away, and degraded if it is abused or not properly cared for. Obviously, accidents and inadequate dental hygiene habits send hundreds of thousand of Americans to their family dentists every year. The good news is that there are more options today for victims of tooth loss than ever.

Regardless of the causes for tooth lost, today’s top dentists can offer several cosmetic dental procedures that can give patients a replacement tooth that is impossible to identify from their natural teeth. Of course, we are talking about dental mini implants and all on four dental implants.

If a person loses one or two teeth, mini dental implants are definitely the best solution. The completion of a mini implant requires the insertion of a titanium post into the jaw bone via the vacant tooth pocket. Once the titanium post is successfully implanted, a realistic ceramic crown is placed atop the post. Over the next three months, the titanium post will naturally bond with the jaw bone, creating a replacement tooth that will last a lifetime with proper care.

For more severe cases of tooth loss that involve several teeth, or in situations where several extractions are necessary, all on four implants are similar to dentures. The main difference between all on four implants and dentures, however, is that all on four implants are permanent. The procedure used to complete four on one implants is similar to mini dental implants, but with four posts per row of teeth.

When you look a back at old fashioned dental bridges and removable dentures, today’s cosmetic dental procedures are definitely amazing. Even though it is always best to do whatever you can do to keep your natural teeth, it sure is good to know that there are other options out there if we are eve unfortunate enough to end up losing any of them.

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