Choosing Alternatives to Traditional Braces

This video discusses one alternative to traditional braces that have become very popular over the past few years. Invisalign braces are at the top of many people’s teeth correction list because of three benefits. The plastic aligners are clear, and the patient can remove them at any time. They are also more comfortable than some other types of corrective devices.

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For that reason, many people choose them as their corrective system.

They can assist people who have overbites, underbites, and several other issues. A prospective patient will have to see a specialist for a consultation to know if he or she is eligible for Invisalign. Some people who have existing dental issues may not be eligible for the product.

The process of getting Invisalign takes several steps. The first step that an orthodontist would take is to have a mold of the person’s teeth created. This step would occur after the orthodontist carefully developed a plan for alignment correction. The mold helps the lab to create the perfect aligners for the patient. Once those aligners are created, the client can receive them and start using them. Aligners must be changed approximately every two weeks for the alignment correction process to go smoothly.