Consider Becoming an Orthodontist

As a child, you may have used the services of an orthodontist. If you have had braces at one point, you are familiar with what they do. You may have dreaded going there at the time, but orthodontists provide quite an important role, especially in younger people. It isn’t an easy profession to break into, but the rewards for your hard work will certainly be realized.

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This video will discuss what it is like to start a career in orthodontics.

Orthodontists are trained professionals who treat dental irregularities. If you have a poor bite or many crooked teeth, an orthodontist can fix those issues, usually through some sort of braces. One of the biggest challenges that orthodontists face is the cost of dental school. Obviously, dental school is required for this career path, which means taking on quite a bit of debt just to make yourself eligible to practice. With that risk comes reward. Currently, the average orthodontist makes around $230,000 per year. If you can handle the intimidating amount of debt, you can certainly enjoy the payoff when the time comes.