Cosmetic Dentistry is the Height of Dental Evolution

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One hundred years ago, half of all North American adults had no teeth. Today, there are only one in ten seniors over 65 who do not have teeth. Dentistry has advanced in the past 100 years, as we see with more sophisticated forms of dentistry. Starting with family dentists, a cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach offers is the current height of dentistry. The existence of a cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach offers shows that Americans do not worry as much about losing teeth altogether. Rather, they can use a cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach offers to focus on beautifying the teeth.

Dentistry has evolved a long way to produce a cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach offers, or even any dentists in Virginia Beach. Dental care started in Ancient Greece, where the Greeks ground animal bones and oyster shells to help clean teeth. It was not until 1493 that a Chinese gentleman invented the toothbrush, initially with bristles from boar hair. These were not mass produced until 1780, when an English prison inmate realized he could make a profit for his prison with these toothbrushes.

The genesis of a cosmetic dentist virginia beach offers arguably began in the late 19th century, with the development of tooth paste. Ostensibly for cleaning the teeth, tooth paste was later marketed as a way to promote teeth whitening. This meant that patients could both avoid dentures in virginia beach later in life, and also have a whiter smile.

Today, a cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach offers has many tricks. Some involve repairing trauma to the tooth, such as with tooth implants Virginia beach dentists use. Others involve correcting for those rare cases of total tooth loss, such as with dentures Virginia Beach dentists use. These dental implants Virginia Beach dentists use let the jaw reshape around where the tooth would have been. Still others involve cosmetic procedures. Aside from whitening, a cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach offers can perform tooth reshaping, crown elongation, veneers, and other procedures.

A cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach offers represents the height of dentistry. Once unheard of, cosmetic dentistry is now standard. As the 21st century unfolds, only time can tell what form of dentistry follows next.