Cosmetic Dentists Offices are New and Improved in Kentucky

Grant Olson, MD, from “On a YouTube video titled “New Dental Office Tour! Is this a dental office or a spa?” gives you a grand tour of Innovative Dental’s new Springfield location.

The lobby is the first thing you’ll notice as you enter the hospital block. Delightfully homey or cafĂ©-like, the lobby is warm and inviting. The lobby also lacks a front desk, as the company strives to greet and welcome customers personally.

The lobby also has a large display section for passers-by to see the beautiful smiles of their past patients. One can enjoy coffee and snacks while waiting for their turn or loved ones in the restaurant-like section adjacent to the lobby.

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Children can also play interactive games and interact in a specially designed children’s area with a projector on the ground. The hospital also has cosmetic dentists office wings, a courtyard, a general treatment level, and cosmetics suites for implants and traveling patients on the upper level.

As patients wait for their doctors or loved ones, the new patient lounge provides a calm and relaxing environment. The hospital also has a 3D x-ray machine to provide quality dental services.