Experience a Day in the Life of an Oral Surgeon

This video shows a day in the life of Porchia James, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. The first meeting with a patient involves a consultation.

Oral surgeons duties include wisdom tooth extraction, sedation, dental implants, and possibly a biopsy. Talks to patient about what is happening.

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There may be x-rays. First, there is a discussion about medical history including major complaint and what has been happening. This allows oral surgeons to determine what steps must be taken next.

Patients are often scared and want to be asleep for the procedure. One of only specialties that administer anesthesia and provide surgery. Oral surgeons use CT scanners to get 3D x-rays.

In consult room, they will discuss the surgical plan, as well as determine if patient wants to be asleep. Most procedures are out patient. There are conversations about insurance and out of pocket costs.

Dr. James shows a surgical suite and interaction with patient. This includes taking vitals. May discuss antibiotics for use after the procedure. Reviews the procedure with patient again and ensures they know exactly what will happen.