Family vs General Dentistry

According to the video, there is a difference to remember between family dentistry and general dentistry. A family dentists office is available to manage most of the general dentist needs that everyone in your family needs. At the end of the day, being a family dentist means that you are also a general dentist.

Video Source

These services should include the common cleaning, fillings, and partials that need to be done for folks.

Anything that needs to be done by specialty dentists, like cosmetic dentists are things that a general dentist may not have a lot of experience with. All dentists have general knowledge, however, and have the ability to manage the basics. They may decide over time, though, that they have preferences and niches in the field that they would rather do. When you find a family dentists office that you like for your family, know that they will do everything that is common in that practice, and then let you know if you need to see someone specific. They can refer to you specialists for things that can’t be done, or they aren’t comfortable doing, like pediatric surgeries because this can be delicate for children and needs to be handled by a specialist.