Learn All About the Dental Crown Procedure

A dental crown often called a cap is a dental restoration procedure. A cap or a dental crown replaces the uppermost part of the tooth. This video walks you through the entire process of this procedure.

Video Source

In this video you can watch the procedure from start to finish. Watch as the natural tooth is prepped to receive the cap, then watch as the cap is created in the office. It is interesting to watch along as the cap is created using high-tech equipment. In this dental office, there is state-of-the-art equipment that is used to take impressions and measure for the new cap and to build the new prosthetic.

If you are getting ready to have this procedure this video will show you exactly what you can expect and what tools a modern dentist’s office uses. Even if you are not getting read to have a cap placed right now, there is a lot of good information contained in this video anyone can benefit from. Watch an actual patient go through the process of having a tooth restored with a cap.