Restorative Dentistry What Can Be Done

The shape of our mouths, the alignment of our teeth, and the fullness of our teeth are essential to our health. Having a healthy mouth allows us to chew and digest food properly, and it also allows us to speak properly. Sometimes we might need minor corrections that cleanings and other basic dental treatments can fix. Other times we need restorative dentistry services. In this video, you will learn about the major issues that can be corrected with restorative dentistry.

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If a treatment requires more than one step or phase to be completed, then it is considered major. This would involve going back to the dentist often to receive the next step. Some of these issues also could have been treated much earlier when it would have been easier and cheaper to do so. Examples of this type of treatment include dental crowns, inlays, dental bridges, and implants. This can also include braces and surgeries.