The Basics of Orthodontics and Braces

Have you ever wondered how braces work? Orthodontists are specialized dentists who use braces and other devices to align teeth into perfect smiles. The most common braces are metal braces, which include brackets, wires, and bands. Clear and Invisalign braces also exist and can align teeth without the traditional issues of metal braces.

Orthodontists create custom braces for each patient based on their specific needs. Some patients can use clear or Invisalign braces from the start and never need metal braces.

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Other patients may need metal braces and other devices to expand their palates or perform other functions. Even patients who stick with basic metal braces for their treatments have customized care. Their braces are fit perfectly to their teeth and move their teeth in the exact ways needed to fix their smile.

Orthodontists can fix all kinds of problems with tooth positioning. They can fix teeth that are jutting out at strange angles or are in the wrong place in the mouth. They can also fix overbites and underbites, which cause aesthetic and functional issues related to chewing and speaking.

If you want to learn more about orthodontics, you can reach out to orthodontists near you.