The Differences Between Clear Braces and Metal Braces

If you or someone you know is in the market for getting braces, you should check out some tips for choosing what’s best for you. Clear braces can be beneficial because they appear invisible to the eye and may help boost your self-confidence. You can choose clear braces or ceramic brackets versus metal braces, which you may be the most familiar with.

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Ceramic braces are basically the same as clear braces, that use blue and green dots on the surface for orientating placement. Sometimes, there is a metal wireline that runs through the middle of the braces to hold them in place, making them not totally clear. However, oftentimes you can obtain clear braces for your premolar teeth and up.

Even though the end result of either brace should be the same, having a choice in the matter is important for feeling involved in your orthodontic treatment and aesthetics. Clear braces have the ability to fracture or chip, while metal braces don’t, so being more conscious while eating is ideal. Clear braces and ceramics tend to be larger than metal braces in order to reinforce strength, but they are best for patients concerned about aesthetics.