The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Teeth

From implant supported dentures to simple dental crowns to teeth whitening, there are many ways that people all throughout the country of the United States are working to improve their teeth. After all, the appearance of your teeth can matter quite a bit, and implant supported dentures can help to improve that overall appearance, as can short term cosmetic orthodontics as well as other types of implants. With more than thirty percent of the total population considering themselves to be concerned about the overall appearance of their teeth and nearly forty eight percent of the population downright unhappy with their teeth, procedures such as implant supported dentures can improve confidence, as can more minor procedures like teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a fix for discolored teeth (which is the most common cause for people not to like the overall appearance of their teeth) that is relatively easy to conduct, unlike other methods of dental improvement such as implant supported dentures. Teeth whitening can be done in the home as well as in a dentist’s office, but it is recommended to have your teeth whitening procedure or multiple procedures done by a professional, as more than eighty two percent of people who have their teeth whitened while still in their dentist’s office have noticed a positive difference in the
overall appearance of their teeth.

More complex procedures such as the installation of implant supported dentures can be more time consuming as well as more expensive, but they can improve the quality of life of the patient by an incredibly amount, something that cannot be discounted. Something such as implant supported dentures is likely more common than the average person might realize, and implant supported dentures are used for a variety of purposes in an even wider variety of patients. For one, as many as fifteen million people (a number that grows with each and every year) in the United States alone have had crown and bridge replacements conducted to replace missing and severely damaged teeth. A whopping fifteen percent of the entire population of the United States will have dentures or implant supported dentures made to fit their mouth every single year, and there are at least three million people who already have dental implants installed – and more than five hundred thousand people who get dental implants every single year. These implant supported dentures and dental implants have a very good track record, with an overall success rate that is as high as ninety eight percent among the entirety of the population that uses things such as dental implants as well as implant supported dentures.

And the overall appearance of your teeth matters. In fact, in surveys conducted in recent years, it has been found that more than ninety nine percent of all adults in the United States (very nearly one hundred percent of them) believe that a good smile is hugely important and can have a big impact on your social life and the first impression that you make. Aside from the potential for a considerable impact on your social life, many people also feel that an unattractive or unhealthy looking smile can even hamper your professional growth as well. This is a widely held and common opinion, with very nearly seventy five percent (seventy four percent, to be more exact) of all American adults feeling very strongly that your smile can have on impact on your career and professional life as a working adult.

On top of all of this, keeping your teeth healthy is also critical – and is likely to have an impact on the appearance of your smile. Unfortunately, many Americans have less than healthy teeth, with around twenty percent suffering from at least one cavity at any given time. Fortunately, regular dentist visits can help to mitigate this problem, and your dentist may perform treatments such as fluoride treatments to help to strengthen your teeth. Not only will this help to improve your overall health as well as your dental health, but it is also very likely to help improve the overall quality and appearance of your teeth and gums, and improve the overall quality of your smile.