Understand the Options for Tooth Realignment

According to health insurance company Humana, one out of every four people in America that get braces is an adult. Recent design advances have made getting a beautiful smile more comfortable than ever. E and S Orthodontics in Phoenix. Arizona, explain some of the options now available in braces.

Traditional wire braces align the teeth by exerting pressure.

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This works best with children since the bones of the jaw are still growing. You need to have regular appointments with your orthodontist to make them tighter.

Damon braces, also called the Damon brace system, are another kind of wire brace, but they have a different way of holding wires into the slot of the brackets. This makes them less damaging to teeth. If you have many crowns, Damon braces are a gentler solution than traditional braces. Many people do not have to wear Damon braces as long as they would for traditional braces. Damon braces are also available for children.

Another option is clear braces. They fit onto the teeth like traditional wire braces. Since they are clear, no one can tell that you are wearing them. You do need to wear them for a longer time than traditional wire braces or Damon braces.