What is the Dental Crown Process?

Having beautiful teeth is pleasant. But sometimes, due to improper care, you can lose them. When you feel some discomfort in your gums or teeth, go see a dentist. Visiting your dentist often is highly advised. They can help you save your teeth.

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Surprisingly, there are many ways to rescue your teeth. Some will also beautify and strengthen them. One way is through dental crowns. Dental crowns are used to protect or restore a broken tooth and prevent it from decaying. Sometimes they are used as a cover for a root canal or for teeth that are discoloring. They don’t only protect but also improve your teeth’ appearance.
The dental crowns procedure is a little tedious, you have to visit your dentist a few times. The first is to remove all unneeded tooth particles. Anesthesia will be applied to numb your gums so that your teeth can be cleaned entirely. A putty type material will be put over your teeth to bite to make the pattern for the real crown. A temporary crown will be a placeholder until the real one is ready.
After about 3 weeks, you will go back to the dentist to remove the temporary crown. This procedure may be uncomfortable, so again your gums will be numbed before your dental crowns are glued in their proper place. If you need dental crowns, go and inquire from your dentist.