What to Expect When Taking Your Child to the Dentist

Kids aren’t thrilled with dentists. What kids don’t do or see every day makes them uneasy or frightened. Dr. Isabelle Chase of Boston Childrens shows us what a dentist for kids does when you visit.

What Happens at the Dentist

You’ll sit in the waiting room while Mom fills out papers on a clipboard. You’ll be given a special bracelet to wear.

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Until you’re called, you can watch cartoons, play with toys, or read a book.

When You’re Called

You’ll go into a room with a huge, comfy couch. There will be lights to help the dentist see into your mouth (you’ll wear cool sunglasses.) The tools help the dentist count your teeth and clean them. There’s even a cool mirror for seeing way in the back of your mouth.

Check out the tiny water hose to wash out your mouth and the tiny suction hose to suck it all out if you can’t spit. There’s mint or bubble gum toothpaste when the dentist brushes your teeth. The dentist might take pictures (X-rays) of your teeth. After all this, you’ll get a goodie bag, and you’re good to go.

A dentist for kids knows about frightening tools and sounds. They work hard to put children at ease with pictures, stories, and fun stuff.