How to Prepare for Your Braces Treatment

Braces are one of the most common orthodontic devices used to straighten misaligned teeth. Braces for teens help improve their smiles and boost their confidence. The video shows how to prepare for getting braces.

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Firstly, get your teeth cleaned professionally before your braces appointment to ensure the brackets can be attached properly to the teeth. Take lip balm and apply it before the procedure. The teeth need to be dry for braces to be put on, and your lips will become dry too. After the braces are put on, the wires and brackets rub on the inside of your mouth. Obtain and apply orthodontic wax on the areas rubbing against your mouth will relieve discomfort.

Be prepared to make dietary changes. Braces limit what you can eat. Hard candies can break the brackets. Stick to softer foods throughout the braces treatment. You’ll experience soreness after the braces are put on, so take a painkiller before, to relieve any discomfort. Eating before the appointment instead of after is recommended, to allow the soreness to subside.

You may talk differently after braces, but speech changes are temporary. Oral hygiene will be difficult to maintain, so use special brushes to clean in between the brackets. You’ll have more appointments, so be ready to make time for them.

By following the above tips, you’ll be ready for your braces appointment.