15 Teeth Myths You Probably Believe

Do you know that some of the most common myths surrounding dental care are entirely false? This video shows some common myths debunked by dentists.

Your teeth aren’t always their brightest and whitest. It’s normal for them to darken over time, especially after years of eating sugary foods and drinking coffee. Some people believe acids can whiten their teeth.

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However, whitening your teeth because of acid consumption is only temporary. Your teeth will return to their original color once you stop consuming acidic foods. The best way to whiten teeth is by using teeth whitening products such as dental office whitening and hydrogen peroxide once or twice a year. Also, cavities may be reversible depending on the depth of the cavity, contrary to the belief that they aren’t. Bacteria inside your mouth can cause tooth decay and cavities if left untreated. If the bacteria penetrate the inner layer of the tooth, then the cavity will be irreversible.

Additionally, there’s a common belief that diet soda doesn’t cause cavities. However, diet soda and other healthy drinks such as apple and orange juice contain acid that increases tartar buildup and bacterial plaque. This will eventually lead to cavities and periodontal disease.