How Do Invisalign Aligners Work?

If your dentist recommends that you see an orthodontist for braces, you may be hesitant to do this. Even when someone needs their teeth straightened, some neglect to do so because of their hesitation. Braces can greatly impact self-esteem and can be difficult to manage. There is sometimes pain associated with braces, and maintaining oral hygiene can become difficult. So what is the solution?

Invisalign aligners are a common solution people turn to when they don’t want to get braces, but still need their teeth straightened. These aligners are virtually invisible, as well as removable, so eating doesn’t have to be a hassle! They always work similarly to braces in that they slowly shift your teeth over time to provide you with a smile you can wear confidently.

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A dental practitioner will start by taking impressions of your teeth to help mold the aligners to your specific requirements. Specialized software is moved to track the journey of your teeth and create multiple aligners that will be used over time for tooth migration. Once you receive your aligners, they should be worn over your teeth in a snug fit. Watch the video to see an animated process of how Invisalign aligners work.