What Teeth Brushing Videos Can Teach Children

Kids brushing teeth video

If you are a parent, you have learned the basic truth that many parents have learned. That truth, it turns out, is that children do not brush their teeth. Rowdy and ungovernable children have refused to take baths, brush teeth and maintain presentable hygiene for centuries. There are a variety of ways that parents can induce their children to brush their teeth. One of the best ways is a kids brushing teeth video. A kids brushing teeth video shows kids how much enjoyment is present when they brush their teeth. A kids brushing teeth video also shows them the deleterious consequences of not brushing teeth.

The first teeth video for kids was not intended as such. In the 1950s, Bristol Myers Squibb, trying to sell its Ipana toothpaste, enlisted the help of a fictitious character, Bucky Beaver. Bucky Beaver made videos that preached to children the benefits of brushing their teeth. As Bucky Beaver enjoyed popularity among youth of the 1950s, his kids brushing teeth videos were rather effective.

In days since, a brushing teeth video for kids has become more refined and yet varied. For the few kids who do not need prompting to behave, a kids brushing teeth video simply urges them to strive on in the war against cavities. For the many parents who prefer holistic parenting of their unhygienic youth, kids brushing teeth videos are targeted towards the long term benefits of teeth. For those who are still yet more ungovernable, these videos show the follies of not brushing teeth well.

There are many ways to induce youth to brush their teeth. Teeth videos for kids are indeed one solid way that works on all but the most ungovernable of kids. With kids brushing teeth video, you can get your children to clean teeth, fight against cavities, and save money in the long run.